Sports Shot Extra with Bryan Cook

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5/7/2012 Bx speedway winners, Shawn Slezak and Max Harder 
5/8/2012  Bx speedway winner, Jordan Grabouski 
5/9/2012 Fred Kluck , BDS Track  
5/10/2012 Austin Cassidy - Sertoma Speech  
5/11/2012 Austin Cassidy, NU Saftey  
5/12/2012 Betty Reploge, Beatrice Elementary Principal 


  • Week of May 1st:  Beatrice Baseball players, Sertoma Award Winners, Norris Baseball.
  • April 20 -30: Omaha Skutt Baseball, SCC Golfers, Beatrice Track, Beatrice Speedway, Beatrice Baseball
  • April 3 - 14: SCC Golfers, Beatrice Baseball, Beatrice Football, Beatrice Baseball, NU Softball, Alumni Basketball
  • March 20-29:  Jim Weeks Beatrice Boys BB; Bill Campbell - SCC Golf; Beatrice Golf Part 1&2; Dick Stuart Beatrice Golf
  • Week of March 8th: Sterling BB; Beatrice Speedway; NU Basketball - Menke; Beatrice GBB; Stefan Klym Race Driver
  • Week of Feb 28th:  Beatrice Girls BB, Crete Boys BB, Dakota Cochrane, Beatrice Boys BB, SSC Boys Basketball
  • Week of Feb 20th:  Bill Bruhn, Beatrice Baseball;  Bryce Simpson, Tri County Girls Basetball; Hallie Meints and Maci Hicks, Tri County GBB
  • Week of Feb13: NE Baseball H.O.F. Bob Steinkamp; Beatrice Baseball, Kay Von Schie; Freeman Girls Basketball, Travis Andreasen
  • Week of Feb 3:  Max Richie, NE City BBB; Jerry Dunn, York AD; Athletic Complex; Beatrice Girls Basketball
  • Week of Jan 30:  Ryan Luke and Dick Stuart, Beatrice G&B Basketball, Bob Steinkamp, Mike Higgins, NO Saints Tight End
  • Week of Jan 24:  Jerry Rempe, Southern GBB; Bob Steinkamp, NU Baseball; Ryan Luke, Beatrice GBB RCC Title; Dick Stuart, Beatrice BBB RCC Title
  • Week of Jan 16: John Cockerill, Sterling Girls Basketball: Sterling Girls BB Players: JCC Boys BB Players; Robert Schropfer, Meridian Girls Basketball
  • Week of Jan 4:  Taylor Warren, UNK Rugby; Blake Simpson, Tri County Girls Basketball; Bob Sexton, Beatrice Sports Complex
  • Week of Dec 12:  Jake Moore, Pius Volleyball; Ryan Luke, Beatrice Girls Basketball; Brent Cole, Crete Boys Basketball
  • Week of Dec 5:  Ryan Luke, Beatrice Girls BB; Jim Weeks Beatrice Boys BB; Eric Kohl, Fairbury Boys Basketball
  • Week of Nov 28:  Ryan Luke, Beatrice Girls BB; Jim Weeks, Beatrice Boys BB; Vicki Wooton, SCC Womens BB; Joel Wooton, SCC Men's BB; Dan Johnson, SCC AD
  • Week of Nov 21:  Mark Wortman, Elkorn Football; Beatrice Football Season Wrap with Bobo Sexton
  • Week of Nov 14: Tracee Fairbanks, Doane Women BB; Matt Uher, Tri County A.D; Amy Engle, Fairbury Lady Jeff's BB; Joel Wooton, SCC Men's BB; Mark Wortman, Elkorn FB
  • Week of Nov 8-1:  Ron Mimic, Aquinas Football; Darcy White, Exeter Milligan Volleyball; Chad Jespen, Gretna Football; Matt Franzen, Doane Football
  • Week of Nov 3 - 7:  Matt Uher, Tri County A.D.; Chuck McGinnis, Crete Football; John McGary, Tri County
  • Week of Oct 31 - Nov 2:  Matt Franzen, Doane Football; John McGary, Tri County Football; Bob Michl, Freeman A.D.
  • Week of Oct 24 - 26:  Jace Bowhay, Rodeo; Bob Sexton, Beatrice Athletic Park; Theron Troxell, Freeman Football.
  • Week of Oct 19 - 21:  Bob Sexton, Beatrice Football (Part 1&2); Matt Franzen, Doane Football
  • Week of October 13-18:  Arlo Wusk, Sterling Football; Travis Schuster, Beatrice Football; Dennis Dodge, Beatrice Softball (Parts 1&2) 
  • Week of October 10-12:  Jordan Grabouski, IMCA Champion (Parts 1&2); Taylor Biehl with Fairbury Softball
  • Week of October 5-7: Darrel Hoffman with Beatrice Girls Golf; Chuck McGinnis with Crete Football; Bob Sexton with Beatrice Football vs Crete
  • Week of September 26-30: Former Beatrice All-State Football players Don Brandt, Jason Sutter, and Bill Armstrong; Jason Hale - Holdrege Football
  • Week of September 19-23: Beatrice Softball Players; Bob Sexton - Beatrice Football
  • Week of September 12-16: Taylor Beihl - Fairbury Softball; Greg Heier - Doane Athletic Director; Dennis Dodge - Beatrice Softball; Bob Sexton - Beatrice Football; Carrie Puhalla - SCC Volleyball
  • Week of September 6-9: Southern Football Players; Travis Schuster, Beatrice Football; Jerry Rempe, Southern Athletic Director; Matt Koehler, Nebraska City Athletic Director
  • Week of Aug 29-Sept 2: Chuck McGinnis - Crete Football; Theron Troxel - Freeman Football; Dennis Dodge - Beatrice Softball; Bob Sexton - Beatrice Football Greg Hardin - Norris Athletic Director
  • Week of Aug 22-26: Jeff Junker - Beatrice High School Cross Country; Part 1- Bob Sexton - Beatrice High School Football; Part 2- Bob Sexton - Beatrice High School Football; Tyler Zahn - Ralston High School Football; Bob Sexton - Beatrice High School Football


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