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Name: Hometown: Age: Funeral Home
James, Leigh Jolene Wymore, NE 81 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
Rohr, Keith Pickrell, NE 75 Fox Funeral Home
Clark, Patricia Wymore, NE 89 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
McAtee, Everett I. Beatrice, NE 92 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Mencl, Adolph Beatrice, NE 89 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Brown, Robert Allen Fairbury, NE 77 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Wester, Merna Lee Beatrice, formerly of Superior, NE 88 Megrue-Price Funeral Home
Newman, Hugh Wayne Hebron, NE 89 Deshler Memorial Funeral
Harris, Harry David Crete, NE 87 Fox Funeral Home
Owens, William B. Plymouth, NE 89 Fox Funeral Home
Forner, Anita Goracke Crete, NE formerly of Beatrice 85 Fox Funeral Home
Sharpe, Lavon Table Rock, NE 46 Wherry Mortuary
Ottersberg, Leeroy Harry Lincoln, formerly of Wymore and Beatrice, NE 95 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
Keeton, Jay D. Pawnee City, NE 64 Wherry Mortuary
Bruna, Dylan Hanover, KS 21 Kinsley Mortuary
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