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Pittman, John Franklin Adams, NE 91 Fox Funeral Home
Parde, Beverly Jean Beatrice, NE 60 Fox Funeral Home
Porter, Rita M. Adams, NE 92 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Grover, Cecil Morroville, KS 62 Ward Funeral Home
Meyer, Linda J. Crete, NE 52 Fox Funeral Home
Shelburne , Robert L. Fairbury, NE 83 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Andersen, Merlyn Deshler, NE 71 Deshler Memorial Funeral Home
Boyd, Jean 82 Gerdes Meyer Funeral Home
Carroll, Logan R. Beatrice, NE 13 Fox Funeral Home
Buckles, Delores Deshler, NE 82 Deshler Memorial Funeral Home
Hurtie, Tillie Beatrice, NE 86 Fox Funeral Home
Johnson, Harlan H. Fairbury, NE 87 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Harms, Lorene I. Beatrice, NE 90 Fox Funeral Home
Roesler, Arlene A. Western, NE 73 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Weers, Richard L. Diller, NE 73 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Wiedel, Evelyn Hebron, NE 86 Price Funeral Home
Stairs, David Hebron, NE 89 Price Funeral Home
Beavers, Christopher Lee Beatrice, NE 63 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Malloy, June Hubbell, NE 74 Bachelor Surber Funeral Home - Belleville
Geffert, Eldon 81 Ward Funeral Home
Mooney, Agnes T. Wahoo, NE 96 Fox Funeral Home
Turner, Kent Dean Beatrice, NE 47 Fox Funeral Home
Strasil, Sharon L. Lincoln, NE 61 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Castro, Nina E. Lincoln, NE 87 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
Sharpe, John Sidney "Jack" Pawnee City, NE 60 Wherry Mortuary
Heuer, Jerald Allen Hanover, KS 64 Kinsley Mortuary
Jensby, Teresa Hebron, NE 100 Hebron Memorial Funeral Home
Burt, Marilyn Washington, KS 82 Ward Funeral Home
Callam, Vera Viola Pawnee City, NE 101 Wherry Mortuary
Capps, Mark W. Beatrice, NE 50 Fox Funeral Home
Novotny, Sarah L. Odell, NE 60 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Wieck, Robert L. Lincoln, formerly of Beatrice, NE 88 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Stephens, Richard E. Beatrice, NE 82 Fox Funeral Home
Dragoo, Lydia Fairbury, NE 91 Gerdes Meyer Funeral Home
Vitosh, Phyllis L. Seward, formerly of Beatrice, NE 84 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Allington, Kay Wymore, NE 64 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
Juedes, Martin Hebron, NE 101
Talbot, Matilda Greenleaf, KS 99
Meints, Evelyn Tecumseh, NE 87 Zink-Fox Funeral Home
Schank, Jane Fairbury, NE 67 Gerdes Meyer Funeral Home
Wiggans, Thelma Linn, KS 90 Ward Funeral Home
Droge, Irene Margaret Pawnee City, NE 84 Wherry Mortuary
Rea, John D. "Jack" Beatrice, formerly of Lincoln, NE 91 Fox Funeral Home
Noakes, Don B. Filley, NE 94 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Staley, James E. DuBois, NE 84 Wherry Mortuary
Graves, Melanie Marysville, KS 34 Kinsley Mortuary
Huls, Bernard D. Linn, KS 83 Fox Funeral Home
Kors, Lois E. Beatrice, NE 98 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Vitosh Jr., Richard "Dick" Odell, NE 87 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Vitosh, Norma Jean Odell, NE 82 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Johnson, Melvin R. Tecumseh, NE 80 Wherry Mortuary, Tecumseh, NE
Kirby, Dennis “Cassious” Fairbury, NE 73 Gerdes Meyer Funeral Home
Cawley, John Deshler, NE 62 Gerdes Meyer Funeral Home
Brubaker, Guy E. Beatrice, NE 92 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Koester, Lila E. Bayard, NE, formerly of Wymore, NE 77 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
Diener, Irene E. Beatrice, NE 98 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Pethoud, Rhoda A. Beatrice, NE 73 Fox Funeral Home
DeVorss, Ronald W. Tecumseh, NE 78 Wherry Mortuary
Whittaker, Vera R. Beatrice, formerly of Wymore, NE 99 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
Bryant Jr., Arthur "Art" Lincoln, formerly of Beatrice, NE 82 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Moore, William Clyde Wymore, NE 66 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Nelson, Deborah Jean Beatrice, NE 59 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
Reiber, Scott L. Beatrice, NE 47 Griffeths-Hovendick Chapel
Gronemeyer, Eldred Plymouth, NE 87 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Goossen, Margaret A. Beatrice, NE 86 Griffeths-Hovendick Chapel
Schaefer, Lorna E. Fairbury, NE 92 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Gates, Thomas "Mike" Ashland, OH 60 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Essman, Willard "Bill" Lincoln, NE 92 Roper and Sons Funeral Services
Hinds, Willard Davenport, NE 83 Urbauer - Price Funeral Home Davenport
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