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Irwin, Laney Beatrice, NE 60 Fox Funeral Home
Philippi, Marvin Beatrice, NE 76 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Tubbs, Niel L. Beatrice, NE 90 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Church, Wanell 86 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Hetrick, Anthony Beatrice, NE 52 Fox Funeral Home
Buntemeyer, Ines Ella Deshler, Ne 84 Deshler Memorial Funeral Home
Ostmeyer, Marcia Jean Beatrice, NE 65 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Agee, James Beatrice, NE 68 Fox Funeral Home
Higgins, Lorena Beatrice, NE 88 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Cullison, Becky Blue Springs, NE 71 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
Anthony, Raymond Fairbury, NE 61 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Hamm, Rosalie M. Fairbury, NE 85 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Root, Delbert E. Wymore, NE 83 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
Root, Delbert Wymore, NE 83 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
Cottam, Virginia "Gin" Hebron and Hubbell, NE 80 Bachelor Surber Funeral Home in Belleville, KS
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