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Name: Hometown: Age: Funeral Home
Schwab, Harold D. "Joe" Fairbury, NEq 86 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Tamme, Franklin Eddie Deshler, NE 87 Kroll Funeral Home of Deshler
Muller, William "Bill" Fairbury, NE 85 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Gouldie, MarjorieAnne Filley, formerly of Beatrice, NE. 69 Fox Funeral Home
Black, Mary Louise Wymore, NE 92 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
Linsenmeyer, Don Blue Springs, NE 82 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
Broughton, Steven Beatrice, NE 57 Fox Funeral Home
Shepard, Cindy Beatrice, NE 59 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Koester, Eugene Wymore, NE 91 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
Krenke, Mabel Beatrice, NE 82 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Crowley, Brandon Beatrice, NE 28 Fox Funeral Home
Herrick, Gary Lorraine Table Rock, NE 74 Wherry Mortuary
Oltman, Allen Home, KS 79 Kinsley Mortuary
Evers, Frieda Beatrice, NE 100 Fox Funeral Home
Maples, Jr., Ken Wymore, NE 56 Harman-Wright Mortuary
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