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Name: Hometown: Age: Funeral Home
Liesenfeld, Todd Tecumseh, NE 46 Wherry Mortuary
Miller, Raymond A. Beatrice, NE 92 Fox Funeral Home
Meyer, Merrill Beatrice, NE 90 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Broadbooks, Margaret Beatrice, NE 92 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Schroeder, George Edward Fairbury, NE 73 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Schoen, Bonnie M. Fairbury, NE 75 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
McAtee, Terry Crete, NE 60 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Courtney, AnnaBelle Beatrice, NE 93 Fox Funeral Home
Fritz, Dorothy Roca, NE 79 Fox Funeral Home
Dorn Plymale , Sandra K. Beatrice, NE 63 Fox Funeral Home
Ames, Melvin L. "Shorty" Wymore, NE 88 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
Humphrey, Bernadene A. Beatrice, NE 88 Fox Funeral Home
Ulrich, Emma E. Lincoln, formerly of Beatrice, NE 79 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Fischer, Harold Ray Hebron, NE 83 Hebron Memorial Funeral Home
Huston, Kenneth Beatrice, NE 73 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Wollenburg, Paul W. Beatrice, NE 87 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Zimmerman, Blanda L. Beatrice, NE 96 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Essex, Howard "Tom" Beatrice, NE 68 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Holsan, Mark A. "Spoony" Beatrice, NE 57 Laughlin-Hoevet Funeral Home
Allerheiligen, Eva L. Marysville, KS 100 Kinsley Mortuary
Sasse, Martha M. Diller, NE 89 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Reed, Elizabeth J. Beatrice, NE 94 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Schmidt, Joyce Fairbury, NE 67 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Grubbs, Ervin (Sam) Fairbury, NE 81 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Malmberg, Shirley V. Adams, NE 90 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Shirey, Harold D. Fairbury, NE 63 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Shalla, Mary B. Beatrice, NE 91 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Brommer, Richard A. Beatrice, NE 77 Fox Funeral Home
Melcher, James J. Fairbury, NE 85 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
(Gill) Sieren, Karen Kay Fairbury, NE 57 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Vermeer, LaVerne O. Sterling, NE 68 Zink-Fox Funeral Home
Obermeyer, Dale F. Marysville, KS 85 Kinsley Mortuary
Leonard, Donna J. Fairbury, NE 84 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Duering, Richard Fairbury, NE 63 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Culp, Carole Hebron, NE 67 Hebron Memorial Funeral Home
Nider, Linda L. Pawnee City, NE 73 Wherry Mortuary
Cline, Homer Beatrice, NE 80 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Herrick, Marguerite B. Table Rock, NE 94 Wherry Mortuary
Meyer, Maynard Lincoln, NE 91 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Urbauer, Merton G. Davenport, NE 93 Urbauer-Price Funeral Home
Muirhead, Dorothy A. Beatrice, NE 86 Fox Funeral Home
Murdock, Agnes M. Pawnee City, NE 99 Wherry Mortuary
Holle, Helen Marie Beatrice, NE 79 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Hessheimer, Frieda L. Beatrice, NE 87 Fox Funeral Home
Culp, John H. Fairbury, NE 88 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Jack, Janice N. Beatrice, NE 87 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Mees, Maxine A. Fairbury, NE 87 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
DeBourge, Susan Lynn Fairbury, NE 54 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Jantzen, Emma W. Beatrice, NE 92 Fox Funeral Home
Baloun, Mildred I. Beatrice, NE 91 Fox Funeral Home
Warren, Ida O. Beatrice, NE 95 Fox Funeral Home
Leners, Menne Beatrice, NE 92 Fox Funeral Home
Laun, Robert Pawnee City, NE 89 Wherry Mortuary
Keiser, Lauretta Lucille Pawnee City, NE 94 Wherry Mortuary
Funke, Bertha I. 89 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Howe, Eleanor M. Humboldt, formerly of Beatrice, NE 92 Fox Funeral Home
Barron, Jack T. Beatrice, NE 93 Fox Funeral Home
Schultz, Joe Harlene "Jody" Pawnee City, NE 79 Wherry Mortuary
Davis, Patricia E. "Pat" Beatrice, NE 57 Fox Funeral Home
Crosby, Ruby M. Beatrice, NE 85 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Martin, Paul Charles Beatrice, NE 64 Fox Funeral Home
Ray, Rose Beatrice, NE 90 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Hoops, Vernon F Byron, NE 88 Ahrendts Funeral Home
Hagemeier, Dennis F. Beatrice, NE 58 Fox Funeral Home
Rademacher, Luella Mae Beatrice, NE 80 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Peterson, Charles F. Auburn, NE 77 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Graham, Ilse D. Fairbury, NE 97 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Goin, Gordon K. Beatrice, NE 66 Fox Funeral Home
McAtee, Sharee Endicott, NE 76 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Hackler, Joyce E. Odell, NE 59 Fox Funeral Home
Koerwitz, Noah Jordan Beatrice, NE 1 month Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Koss, Melvin Hubbell 78 Bachelor-Surber Funeral Home in Belleville
Specht, Evelyn Endicott, NE 78 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Nippert, Katherine Hebron, NE 95 Hebron Memorial Funeral Home
Meyerhoff , Minnie L. Fairbury, NE 93 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Decker, Pauline Hattie Beatrice, NE 88 Fox Funeral Home
Schramm, Norbert Hanover, KS 76 Hanover Mortuary
Saathoff, Lester Leon Table Rock, NE 63 Wherry Mortuary
Leach, Robert E. Beatrice, NE 69 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Williams, Evelyn I. Adams, formerly of Beatrice, NE 96 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Wiebe, Vera Mae Beatrice, NE 85 Fox Funeral Home
Adams, Donald L. Beatrice, NE 90 Griffiths-Hovendick Chapel
Carmichael, Anna Mae Beatrice, formerly of Sterling, NE 86 Zink-Fox Funeral Home
Gibson, Alice Marie Hodges Fairbury, NE 94 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
Shively, Viola Mae Beatrice, NE 70 Fox Funeral Home
Aikin, Joann L. Beatrice, NE 89 Fox Funeral Home
Beaver, Donald L. Overland, KS 86 Wherry Mortuary
Workman, Lucille Beatrice, NE 99 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Thomas, Gaylord Sterling, formerly of Virginia, NE 73 Harman-Wright Mortuary
Hansen, Norma Jean Fairbury, NE 77 Gerdes-Meyer Funeral Home
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